Email the Administration to Demand Fair Bargaining!


The possibility of a strike is stressful for everyone. CUPE 4600 (CIs and TAs) has been in negotiations for a new Collective Agreement since September. The University Administration has continually dragged its collective feet, and refused to consider bargaining in good faith. The result is that students are left in limbo. The administration knows this, and counts on the fact that the anger and frustration will be directed at the very people who are trying to deliver the high-quality education students and their families have come to expect. The ultimate result of a fair contract for CIs and TAs is to the benefit of students because Instructors and Teaching Assistants can get down to the work we believe in; education. If you are feeling helpless, you can email the Administration and demand that they get down to some serious bargaining in order to avoid a strike. Below is a list of administrative offices to which you can address your emails, and a template letter that you can use to voice your concerns.


List of Administration emails:


Board of Governors


Steve Levitt

General Counsel

607 Robertson Hall

Telephone: 613-520-3811



Amanda Goth

(Acting) University Secretary

607 Robertson Hall

Telephone: 613-520-2600 Ext. 2386



Office of the Provost


Dr. Peter Ricketts

Provost and VP (Academic)

503 Tory Building

613-520-2600 Ext. 3806



Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor


Dr. Roseanne O'Reilly Runte

503 Tory Building


Sample Email: 

Dear __________________________________:


I am writing to express my concern about the possibility of strike by members of CUPE 4600. This is a very stressful situation, and the administration has the ability to reduce this stress for students. Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of this institution should not include a massive strike action that will adversely affect so many students. I urge you to bargain fairly and quickly, so we can all get down to the business of education for which we've paid good money. CIs and TAs deserve a fair contract, and the sooner this is resolved, the sooner we can all do what we came to Carleton to accomplish.