Meet the Unit 1 bargaining team

Representing Teaching Assistants, Student Assistants, and unionized Research Assistants

From left to right

Narges Zare: Narges is the local's VP Internal. This is her second year on the local's exec, and her first time as a bargaining team member. 

Meg Lonergan: Meg is CUPE 4600's President. This is her second year as an executive board member. Meg is a member of both units.

Rukiya Mohamed Nur: Rukiya is a member of Unit 1, as well a as a steward for the local. 

Zoey Jones: Zoey is an executive board member, serving as the VP for Unit 1. Zoey is also the chief negotiator for the Unit 1 bargaining team. 

Shalimar Woods: Shalimar is a Unit 1 member, as well as an exec board member for the Graduate Students Association. 

Garrett Lecoq: Garrett is a currently teaching assistant and trustee for the local, will be a Contract Instructor in January, and has been a member of CUPE 4600 since 2013.

Pansee Atta: Pansee is the local's VP External, a steward for Unit 1, and was previously CUPE 4600's first ever Equity Officer.

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