Call for Solidarity with the Academics for Peace in Turkey

Academic freedom is under attack in Turkey. Particularly targeted by the government are the “Academics for Peace,” signatories of Peace Declaration that was announced in January 2016, calling on the government to end violence against the Kurdish civilians in the eastern provinces of Turkey. Since then, tenured and non-tenured faculty, research assistants and graduate students have been facing oppressions such as disciplinary investigations, prosecutions, dismissals, forced retirements and forced resignations. To date, over 300 signatories have lost their jobs, pensions, and their right to travel abroad.


CUPE 4600 in coordination with the Education and Science Workers’ Union (EGITIM SEN) in Turkey invites you to contribute to the international solidarity with the Academics for Peace.


Both individual and institutional contributions are welcome.


Donations could be made in the form of cheque or e-mail money transfer.


For a cheque, please write “In Sol with Turkish Academics” in the memo and mail the it to:


CUPE 4600

511A Unicentre

1125 Colonel By Drive

Carleton University

Ottawa, Ontario

K1S 5B6


For e-mail money transfer, please e-mail the money to: . Then, please send us an email at with your security question and answer.

Background Information


In January 2016, 2212 scholars signed a petition entitled “We will not be a party to this crime,” also known as the Peace Declaration. This Declaration called Turkish government to end the violence against the Kurdish civilians in the eastern part of Turkey, which escalated due to the rising armed conflict between Turkish Armed Forces and the PKK from July 2015 onwards. Since then, the signatories have been subjected to heavy pressure and persecution of various sorts ranging from criminal and disciplinary investigations, custody, imprisonment, and violent threats to dismissal, suspension and forced resignation. See here for the updated rights violations towards Academics for Peace.


Last year, over 300 signatories were purged from universities through Statutory Decrees. It is still unclear if those who are affected will be able to appeal the decision that ended their career and canceled their passports. However, the path is long and arduous, and they need to sustain their lives during this period.


Thousands of academics around the world condemned these prosecutions, including the National Academy of Sciences Human Rights Commission with a statement that was also signed by Nobel Prize laureates. The concerned organizations in Canada, including the Canadian Association of University Teachers and Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE 3902)  have expressed their support for and solidarity with the Academics for Peace in Turkey.


We call for your contribution to our solidarity account to enhance the international solidarity with the Academics for Peace in Turkey. The amount collected will be distributed among the academics who lost their jobs in coordination with the Education and Science Workers’ Union (EGITIM SEN).

Here is the list of organizations who issued solidarity statements for the Academics for Peace