All Unit 1 members are encouraged to attend a Unit 1 Membership Meeting on Thursday, March 16th in Minto 2000 at 6:00pm. The Unit 1 Bargaining Team will present the tentative settlement and answer any questions members may have. 



Via a ratification vote, Unit 1 members have the final say on whether the tentative settlement is accepted or not. Details of the ratification vote are still being confirmed, but it will take place over several days in the week following the Membership Meeting.

As always, if you have any comments or require more information, please contact us at

Tentative Settlement Summary



Grad TAs will receive a 5.3% wage increase over the life of the agreement (2.1% as of September 1, 2016, 1.6% as of September 1 2017, 1.6% as of September 1 2018). 

Undergrad TAs, who are paid at lower rate, will receive a 6.7% increase over 3 years (3.5% as of September 1, 2016, 1.6% as of September 1 2017, 1.6% as of September 1 2018).

Wage increases are retroactive to September 1st, 2016. 


Shortened Grievance Timeline


Step 2 of the grievance process has been removed, reducing the time it takes to resolve disputes. 


Sexual Violence & Harassment Protections


Members who do not want to file a complaint via Carleton's Sexual Violence Policy (SVP) can now seek an informal resolution with the respondent. This process will be facilitated by the employer with the cooperation of the union. 

The deadline to file grievances on issues relating to sexual violence or harassment has been extended from 20 days to 1 year. 


If a member has filed a complaint via Carleton's Sexual Violence Policy, all grievance timelines are suspended, meaning that if the SV Policy process takes more than a year, this does not remove the right to file a grievance at any time during the complaint process. 

Members can file a grievance within 20 days of the conclusion of the Sexual Violence Policy complaint process, if they are unsatisfied with the conclusion of that process. 

The employer must notify members of their right to union representation at all stages of the Sexual Violence Policy complaint process. 

Tuition Increase Assistance (TIA)

Current language and calculation method maintained for all Teaching Assistants. 

The TIA will provide full protection from tuition increases for all TAs in their second-year of employment and onwards.

If a member ceases to be both employed at Carleton and registered as a student for one year, their TIA reference date will reset to the date they recommence employment as a TA. This will not apply to members on an approved leave from duty. 


International Student TA Priority

An international student who is a priority TA and who attains a Summer TA-ship will not have this term deducted from their priority terms. 




Employer contributions to the Employee Assistance Fund (UHIP, TA Advance, and health & dental benefits) will be increased over the life of the agreement ($160,000 in 2016, $165 000 in 2017, $170 000 in 2018). 


Mental Health


Issues of employee mental health can now be addressed via the Union/Employer Joint Committee. 


International Development Fund

This Article was removed from the Collective Agreement following a change to the local's Bylaws at a recent General Membership Meeting. The local can now administer it's own international solidarity funds without Carleton's involvement in the process.


Deadline to Accept Assignment


Once offered, TAs have 10 working days to accept their assignment. Unless there is reasonable cause, not doing so will be understood as declining the assignment. 


Deadline to Apply


Specific dates now specified in the agreement by which TAs must indicate, via the TA Management System, their interest in employment (August 15th for Fall/Winter, December 15th for Winter, April 15th for Spring/Summer). 


Union Office Space


The calculation of how much space the employer must make available to CUPE 4600 for its office will now be based on the space guidelines governing the rest of campus. 


This is a 3 year agreement, with the next expiry date set for August 31st, 2019. 

Unit 1 Bargaining Update: Tentative Settlement Summary & Ratification Information

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