Voting times, locations, and what you need in order to vote


On which dates can we vote? 

Friday, February 28th and Monday March 2nd are the advance voting days. Advance voting takes place in the CUPE 4600 office, between 10am and 4pm. The Office is located in 511A in the Unicentre building. 

Tuesday March 3rd, Wednesday March 4th, and Thursday March 5th are general polls. 

What time will the voting booths open and close? 

Atrium (Unicentre) 9am until 9pm

Loeb/Southam Junction in the tunnels 9am until 6pm

Minto (main entrance) 9am until 6pm


Where will the voting booths be located? 

Advance voting takes place in the CUPE 4600 office, which is in room 511A of the Unicentre. 

The general voting booths will be set up in three locations:

1) The main entrance of the Minto building

2) In the tunnels, at the junction of Loeb and Southam

3) In the Unicentre Atrium. Please note, a fair (unrelated to CUPE 4600) will also be happening in the Atrium at the same time. Please give yourself a few extra minutes to find us, as there may be lots of people in the space. 

What do I need in order to vote? 

Please bring a piece of ID with you to vote. A volunteer will check to make sure you are on the eligibility list before giving you your ballot to ensure no one votes twice, and to prevent non-members from voting. Remember that this vote is for Contract Instructors only, and that a Unit 1 (TAs/RAs) vote has not been scheduled yet. 


Can I help? 

Yes! We still need volunteers to work the voting booths. We also need volunteers who would be willing to go put up some posters advertising the vote. Please respond to this email if you would like to help out.