Secretary Treasurer financial report

Finance Report for GMM  October 2020:


  • Budget for May 2019-April 2020 was closed 

  1. We had $44,471.15 surplus.

  2. According to the motion passed in GMM,  $17,000 was secured for Grievance and Arbitration.

  • Bargaining and Strike Campaign

  1. It was approved to assign $47,000 for bargaining mobilization expense and $85,000 for negotiation/strike administrative expenses.

  2. This budget will be closed at the end of October 2020. 

  • Budget was set up for May-August 2020

  1. Because of Pandemic and unprecedented situation, board decided to have the budget for summer term.

  2.  Budget for May-August was closed with $56,000 deficit since similar to the other years revenue in summer is much lower than Fall and Winter.

  • Budget for September 2020-April 2021 was approved by board

  1. Expect to have 100,000 surplus and in total $46000 for fiscal year (subtract the deficit of Summer term).

  2.  This budget need s to approve by members

  • Local financial records-Sep. 30, 2020

  1. Operation Fund: $ 288,796.3

  2. Strike Fund: $1,039,840.61

  3. ISJF Fund: $5,582.47

  4. Trans Fund: $592.44

Other financial documents:

2020-2021 Budget

Bargaining and Strike Campaign Budget