Get involved in bargaining

There are several ways for rank and file members to support the bargaining team during these negotiations. The most important way to do so is by signaling to the employer that our local is strong and willing to fight for better working conditions. We do this by being visible, active, and ensuring our message gets out to the membership and to the Carleton community in general. Below you can find a list of way to do this

Join the Strike Committee

If you want to be involved in working out the details of a possible strike we would love your help! Preparing for a strike is a big job, and much of the work needs to be done, regardless of the outcome at the bargaining table. We, of course, hope for a fair deal with the employer, but if we do end up having to go on strike we'll need to make sure our ducks are lined up! 

contact to join this committee

Join the Mobilization and Communications Committee

This group comes together around action! We call on the mobilization committee for flyering, picketing, office visits, events planning, protests and shenanigans. This committee also created posters, flyers, and promotional items. If you love making a ruckus, this is the committee for you.

To join this committee, contact

Talk to your coworkers!

This is the most important thing you can do to help the union win a fair contract. Talk to your coworkers, let them know why you support the union, tell them to read the emails they receive from the union, and tell them why TAs and Contract Instructors deserve good working conditions.

Come out to a meeting

Meetings are announced in our weekly digest, which every member automatically receives via email. These meetings are a great place to get updates from the committees and bargaining teams, meet exec members and other union members, and get plugged into what is happening.

Attend a bargaining session

Another important way you can support and stay up to date on the bargaining process is to join the Team at the table. By agreement with the employer, a number of CUPE 4600 members are able to sit in on bargaining sessions on any given bargaining date. If you are interested in joining a session, contact Dan Sawyer at

Share our social media posts

CUPE 4600 has active Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Give us a follow and share our posts so that friends and coworkers know what is going on. Let Carleton University that the community is paying attention, and support for a fair deal goes beyonf the CUPE 4600 membership.