“This is why, this is why we fight”: Your Future. Your Education.

The Teaching assistants are fighting for tuition waivers and wages to keep graduate and post-graduate education accessible. Now our wages basically pay our tuition. What we are fighting for is to prevent further erosion by inflation or fee increases on our incomes.

We also want to discuss limiting tutorial sizes so that we are not faced with discussion groups of 60-90 students.

Teaching assistants are fighting for undergraduate teaching assistants to be treated fairly. Currently, undergrad TAs get paid half as much as graduate TAs for doing the same work, but clearly 4th year undergrads are not half as valuable as 1st year Masters students. Instead, the union believes that if undergrads are qualified enough to work the same contracts as grads, then they should paid the same. It’s simple: equal pay for equal work.

Contract Instructors want respect. With the expansion of enrollment levels, contract instructors have become a permanent feature of undergraduate education. We teach 36% of your courses at Carleton. Yet we are the second lowest paid instructors in the province (among comparable universities) and are paid $1,000 less a course than the University of Ottawa (about 20% less).

We also want respect and recognition that we are valuable members of the Carleton community. We want continued access to the library and email services when our terms are up so that we can continue update our courses and our students can find us for reference letters and advice. We demand a fair and helpful evaluation system for our work.


What the Administration wants from you.

The administration wants students to call in and inform the administration if classes are being held or not. Who knew that Carleton’s greatest educational goal was to teach you how to be a snitch. Force the administration to send out its own staff.


What the administration won’t do: Grant Academic amnesty

We asked that the University adopt a policy known as academic amnesty that would protect students who refuse to cross picket lines, or whose course work was delayed or classes cancelled during the strike. The Provost torpedoed the adoption of this policy at the Senate, first by claiming there would be no strike, and then with spurious claims it would just encourage lazy students.

The State of Negotiations: “Wouldn’t it be Nice”.

The administration’s strategy has been to stonewall negotiations on all issues until the last minute. Their negotiating team has failed to respond to any of our suggestions around working conditions, tuition waivers and monetary proposals below the rate of inflation. Playing chicken with the quality of your education may not be the wisest plan.

Defending Public Education

Over the years Carleton has slowly been replacing good, well-paying, full-time faculty jobs with low-paid, precarious, part-time contract work. This is undermining the public university as well as the quality of your education. Help us resist this trend by supporting our struggle for fairer working conditions.


What can students do?

  1. Be informed and inform others about the issues.

  2. Refuse to inform on your TA or contract instructor. Force the administration to send staff class to class.

  3. Demand academic amnesty now. No student should be punished over a labour dispute.

  4. Tell the administration, the University Senate members what you think.

  5. Plan your own protest, your own action. Resistance is never futile it can actually be a lot of fun.

  6. Find out more here (http://www.cupe4600.ca/undergrad-support)