How to Calculate Tuition Rebate

The following instructions aim to make calculating your rebate amount as simple as possible. The below example relies on numbers contained in the example student account information table below. Your numbers will not be identical.


 If you have any difficulty or need further information, contact


Log onto Carleton Central and go to Registration/Student Accounts/view student account. 


You should then see all your account activity for your time at Carleton. The TIA is coded as E126 and should show up like this (on the top line):

You should write down your current tuition amount (In this case, it is TAZV Upper Yr PhD Domestic (FT): $2452.00).

You then need to determine the amount of tuition for your program, when you first began employment at Carleton University.  Use the documents found below to access this information (note that the 2010/2011 tuition fees are in a separate document from the 2005-2015 tuition fees).


Select the year that you first worked at Carleton as a TA and the category that is the same as the current program you are enrolled in.


In this case, this student started work in the Fall 2011 term.  This means that the Tuition Fees will be found in the 2010/2011 Tuition Fees document below. 


The Fall 2011 Upper Yr PhD Domestic (FT) tuition fees are $2181.00.

By subtracting the first year fees from current fees, the tuition rebate amount is found (as seen below):




If your calculation yields a different amount than what is listed beside E126 Tuition Increase Assist. Prog, contact your union at


It is also a good idea to check with other TAs in your department to ensure that your TIA and tuition amounts are the same if you are in the same year of the same program and have the same work start dates.