Impact on Teaching Assistants


Teaching Assistants (TAs) struggle with growing class sizes through 

getting allocated an unmanageable number of students. Not enough 

TAs are assigned in large classroom, making it difficult to provide 

quality feedback to students, and foster active tutorials. 

Large classes sizes with not enough TAs assigned to them leads to 

overwork issues, such as large tutorial sizes, over demand of office 

hours, an excessive emails and grading, and less TA access for students. 

TAs deserve a reasonable TA-to-student ratio. CUPE 4600 will fight for this at the bargaining table in 2019!


Impact on Contract Instructors


Contract Instructors (CIs) struggle with growing class sizes through teaching large classes and not having enough Teaching Assigned to their course. While CIs try to create an engaging classroom environment, the lack of guaranteed support make this very challenging. 

Large classes sizes with insufficient support leads to stressful working environments, issues of overwork, and makes it almost impossible to give quality feedback to students. 

CIs deserve predictable and adequate teaching support and to know how many students will be enrolled in their classes. CUPE 4600 will fight for this at the bargaining table in 2019! 


Impact on Carleton Students


Carleton students struggle with growing class sizes through a lack of  TA-to-Student ratio, and insufficient class support for CIs. 

Large class sizes for students leads to limited one-on-one interactions, less time for active participation in classrooms or tutorials, and poor learning conditions

Carleton students deserve quality feedback on their work, meaningful 

class discussion and the ability to fully participate in the classroom  experience. CUPE will fight for working conditions that will improve  learning conditions.

Class(room) Struggle. 

CUPE 4600's class supports campaign

 Get Involved 

We believe that instructors, Teaching Assistants, and students will benefit from greater classroom supports, a capped TA-to-student ratio, and a better classroom environment. 

To help out with this campaign you could:

-Attend a meeting and help shape the campaign (keep an eye on your inbox for emails about upcoming meetings).


-Volunteer to put up posters and distribute the pamphlet about this campaign.