Get involved in your union! 

CUPE 4600 is a member-driven union! We are only as strong as our active members.


One key way in which members can get involved is by joining a caucus.


Caucuses are forums where members can get together with others who have similar interests or concerns, and strategize their union involvement and participation.

Rainbow Caucus
Women's Caucus
International Students' Caucus
Undergraduate Caucus
Accessibility Caucus


Another key way in which members can get involved is by joining one of our Committees.


Committees are the engines of our Local! They work closely with the Executive and Caucuses to turn ideas into action. 


Like caucuses, they are a great opportunity to meet your fellow union members and make a difference; not just by fighting to improve working conditions on campus, but in the wider community beyond the university.  


If you are interested in joining one or more of these committees please contact us!

Mobilization Committee
External Affairs Committee
Human Rights Committee
Health and Safety Committee
Constitution Committee
Finance Committee
Bargaining Research Committees (Unit 1 & 2)
Equity Committee

Become a Steward

Are you interested in becoming a steward for your department? Stewards are often the first point of contact between members and the union. They reach out to members, they act as our ears on the ground, and they help us mobilize TAs and Contract Instructors. 

To learn more about the role of stewards, and to find out how to become a steward, click here