Candidates Statements

VP Unit 2

Nominees: Meg Lonergan & Morgan Rooney

Nominated by: Gareth Park

Unit 2 members face a diverse range of challenges, some of which are well known and/or sources of particular frustration for our members. We, as a union, need to do more to address these problems.


Our names are Meg Lonergan and Morgan Rooney, and we are jointly running for the position of VP Unit 2. We have been Contract Instructors for 2 and 11 years, respectively, and we have served Unit 2 members in many roles over the course of the last decade, including President, Chief Steward Unit 1, and CI Bargaining Team Lead Negotiator (Meg), and departmental steward, member of the joint committee on teaching evaluations, and a CI representative on Senate (Morgan). Combined, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge about labour relations at Carleton and the conditions of CI labour.


Should we be elected, our priorities as VP Unit 2 would be as follows:


  • Expanding the involvement and participation of Unit 2 members. Our historic relationship with our siblings in Unit 1 is important, but it is easy to feel as a Unit 2 member that your issues are not always front and centre. We would take steps to hold regular Unit 2 meetings and to expand our stewards.

  • Shifting our focus to mobilization and strike preparation efforts in anticipation of the next bargaining period. The history of labour relations at Carleton, and across the university sector, shows us that few meaningful gains are made at the bargaining table without well-organized labour action. We need to be prepared before we enter bargaining, instead of retroactively trying to prepare in the midst of bargaining.

  • Protecting our members in these uncertain times of COVID-19. Jointly, we will seek reimbursement of expenses associated with the move to online courses, additional compensation and supports for the extra labour that comes with online teaching, improved job security, meaningful consultation as we look towards returning to campus, and earlier course allocations so as to give CIs more time for course design.


If those issues resonate with you, then you should vote for us. We would be honoured to represent the interests of our Unit 2 members.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:


Meg Lonergan 

Morgan Rooney

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