Annual General Meeting

Each year at the local's Annual General Meeting (AGM), CUPE 4600 elects it's Executive Board and a variety of delegate positions from within the union’s membership. 

This year's AGM will take place on Monday, April 10th in Azrieli Pavilion 132, with dinner beginning at 5:30pm and the agenda at 6:00pm. 

These elections are important ones for all CUPE 4600 members. CUPE 4600 is run by members just like you. All Executive Board positions are elected annually from within the 3000 TAs, internally-funded RAs, and Contract Instructors at Carleton University. 

Below you will find details on the upcoming elections. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact 


  1. What positions are being elected at the AGM?

  2. Can more than one person hold a position?

  3. When will the election take place? 

  4. Who can be nominated?

  5. What if I need more information?


1. What positions are being elected at the AGM?


Positions open for election at the Annual General Meeting will include: 

  • President

  • Vice-President Internal

  • Vice-President External

  • Secretary-Treasurer

  • Recording Secretary

  • Vice-President Unit 1

  • Vice President Unit 2

  • Chief Steward Unit 1

  • Chief Steward Unit 2

  • Health & Safety Committee Co-Chairs (2)

  • Personal Safety Representative

  • Human Rights Representative

  • CUPE Council Delegates (3)

  • Ottawa District Labour Council Delegates (7)

  • Delegates to CUPE Ontario Convention

2. Can more than one person hold a position? 


The positions of Vice-President Internal, Vice-President External, Vice-President Unit 1, Vice-President Unit 2, Chief Steward Unit 1 and Chief Steward Unit 2 can be shared by two people as a co-position. Any honoraria attached to the position will be split equally between the two elected individuals. 


3. When will the election take place? 


Elections will take place during the Annual General Meeting on Monday, April 10th, beginning at 6:00pm. 


4. Who can be nominated?


Potential candidates must be current members of CUPE 4600. Any potential candidates nominated for election, either by themselves or by another member, must be present at the AGM or have submitted written acceptance of their nomination to the CUPE 4600 Executive prior to the election. 

5. What if I need more information?

You can find complete details on the positions open for election in CUPE 4600's Bylaws. Article 10 specifies the duties and responsibilities of Executive Board and Council members. For more information on the election, please contact 

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